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About Us

Microsorb Technologies was formed to provide the microwave material markets with a technical, economical RF absorber and dielectric material manufacturer that was dedicated to Customer Support. We know that there are only a few vendors to choose from in the marketplace.

Microsorb Technologies fills the niche of offering products for commercial and defense applications at competitive prices, customer support for the manufacture of custom parts and on-time commitment. We understand and practice that Customers are the most important factor in doing business. It’s not a marketing phrase but a commitment!

Having started in 1992, and having over 100 years of experience in the engineering, development, manufacturing, test and support of microwave materials Microsorb Technologies is a partner that can be trusted.

Microsorb Technologies features full broadband testing capabilities from 100 MHz to 35 GHz. All of our absorber products are tested using the NRL Arch reflectivity test method with standard testing covering 2-18 GHz before they go out the door. Products specified for insertion loss and/or phase are tested over the same range.

If finding an experienced, customer driven, technically competent microwave materials supplier has been a problem, let Microsorb Technologies be your solution.


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