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NARROW BAND ABSORBERS - Series 100 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB MSF, Thin Flexible, Silicone Resonant Absorber 100-01
MICROSORB MSF-U, Thin Flexible, Urethane Resonant Absorber 100-02
BROADBAND ABSORBERS - Series 200 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB HCS, Lossy Honeycomb 200-02
MICROSORB HCS-CR, High Temperature Honeycomb 200-03
MICROSORB HPJ, High Performance Outdoor Absorber 200-04
MICROSORB MTLF, Lightweight, Flexible Lossy Absorber 200-05
MICROSORB MTL, Lightweight, Flexible Broadband Absorber 200-06
MICROSORB MTL-W, Broadband Weatherproof Absorber 200-07
MICROSORB OCR, Reticulated Broadband Absorber 200-08
LOADS - Series 300 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB FDS, Silicone Rubber, Ferrite Loaded Absorber 300-05
MICROSORB FGS, Thin, Flexible, Silicone Broadband Absorber 300-06
MICROSORB FFS, High-Loss Absorber for UHF 300-07
MICROSORB MT-SC-4000 Silicon Carbide Absorber 300-10
CAVITY RESONANCE - Series 400 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB MDS, High-Loss, Flexible Suppression Absorber 400-01
MICROSORB MTS, Silicone, High-Loss Magnetic Absorber 400-02
MICROSORB MTT-S, Flexible Transmission Line High Loss Magnetic Absorber, Silicone 400-03
MICROSORB MTS, Epoxy, High-Loss Magnetic Absorber 400-04
MICROSORB MT-SC-4000, Silicon Carbide Microwave 400-05
CASTABLE - Series 500 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB MTC-E, Castable Iron Loaded RF Absorber 500-01
MICROSORB MTC-S, Silicone-Castable Iron Loaded RF Absorber 500-02
PAINT - Series 600 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB 330, Surface Wave Coating, Epoxy & Urethane 600-01
ANECHOIC Materials - 700 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB MTPY, Pyramid Absorbers 700-01

EMI MATERIALS - Series 800

Bulletin No.
MICROSORB E-Shield MT-EMI-1215 800-1215
MICROSORB E-Shield EC-1100 800-1100
MICROSORB E-Shield EC-1105, Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive & Coating System 800-1105
MICROSORB E-Shield EC-1110 Single Component Silver Filled Adhesive 800-1110
MICROSORB E-Shield EC-1116 Nickel Filled Epoxy Resin 800-1116
MICROSORB E-Shield EC-1120 Electrically Conductive Flexible Ink 800-1120
MICROSORB E-Shield WPAL EMI Foil Shielding with PSA 800-01
MICROSORB E-Shield WPCU Copper EMI Shielding with PSA 800-02
MICROSORB E-Shield WPS Stainless Steel EMI Shielding with PSA 800-03
DIELECTRICS -Series 900 Bulletin No.
MICROSORB D-PP, Low Dielectric, Low Loss Closed Cell Foam 900-01
MICROSORB D-0005, Very Low-loss Dielectric Sheets & Rod 900-02
MICROSORB D-RDF, Light-weight, Low Dielectric Structural Foam 900-03
ACCESSORIES - Series A Bulletin No.
MICROSORB Anechoic Enclosures A-10
MICROSORB Contact Adhesives A-30
MICROSORB RF – Absorber Paint A-40
MICROSORB 93B, Weatherproof, Neoprene Fabric A-50
MICROSORB PSA, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing A-60
ACCESSORIES - Series E Bulletin No.
MICROSORB E-625, One-Part Syntactic Foam E-625
Narrow Band & Broadband Selector Guides Note-100
Absorber Reference Chart Note-101
E-Shield EMI Foil Installation Instructions Note-110



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